H. Stern

H.Stern was founded in Brazil by Hans Stern and each creation is imbued with part of the Brazilian soul. Jewelry is created to highlight the beauty of women across the world, and beauty is universal.

Since its founding in 1945, H.Stern controls every stage of the jewelry creation process — from searching for the best precious gems to conceptualizing and designing collections, through to the final product. Because of its quality and unique design, H.Stern jewelry is enchanting.

In 1958 an in-house Gemological Lab was set up at the H.Stern headquarters in Rio for the analysis and classification of precious stones. It remains the largest lab in Latin America and abides by the criteria established by the renowned GIA (Gemological Institute of America), ensuring the unquestionable quality of each gem used in the brand’s jewelry.

The exclusive Noble Gold tone of 18K gold was developed by H.Stern after two years of research and is the result of over 180 test combinations of metals. Noble Gold has the warmth of yellow gold and the elegance of white gold and can be worn with jewelry in other tones.

Today H.Stern is found in 26 countries and at in the world’s major cities, such as London, Paris, Moscow, Frankfurt and Tel Aviv.