Officine Panerai

In 1860 Giovanni Panerai opens his watchmaker’s shop in Florence: serving not only as a shop and workshop but also as the city’s first watchmaking school. The shop later moves to its current location in the in Piazza San Giovanni. This artisan’s workshop is a meeting point for brand collectors and enthusiasts, who can find not only pieces from the current collection, but also special edition watches and special productions that Panerai reserves exclusively for its boutiques.

To meet the military needs of the Royal Italian Navy, in 1916 Officine Panerai creates Radiomir, a radium-based powder that gives luminosity to the dials of sighting instruments and devices, that will be the first of the many patents filed to mark Panerai’s history of innovation. Later, a new self-luminous substance, Luminor, supersedes the radium-based paste. Officine Panerai draws inspiration from the name of its newly patented substance for its other historical — the Luminor.

Located in Switzerland, the Panerai Manufacture is the place where a combination of tradition and innovation, where unique, exclusive watches are created. For Panerai, the Manufacture is the synonym of a number of distinctive elements: unmistakable design, loyalty to the history of the brand and an insatiable quest for aesthetic and technical solutions capable of combining simplicity with the highest innovation and technical standards.